How can I join?

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How can I join?

Post by Acanthophis on Wed Feb 10, 2016 5:50 pm

In order to be eligible you need to follow these criteria:

1. 16+ years old
2. You need to be able to communicate with basic English
2.a If we have atleast one officer who speaks a launguage of your liking you can join and use that language to speak with that officer.
2.b According to the above, there is, at the moment, atleast one language following this criteria: Greek
3. Apply to the forum, after you have made a post about yourself in the Recruitment Room under the Tavern section.
4. You need to be a mature individual
5. You need to have atleast some experience in other MMOs
6. You need to be patient
7. You got to know how to have fun and accept jokes from time to time Very Happy
That's all!



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