How will we operate.

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How will we operate.

Post by Acanthophis on Wed Feb 10, 2016 4:00 pm

Hello fellow BDO players.
With this topic I want to explain to you the way our Guild is going to operate.
We played in the RU Server and we tried to find an efficient way to operate as a guild and as a family of players. There are 2 kinds of groups, the "Clan" and the "Guild".
The Clan is a purely social group, something like a family, without missions, rules or fees.
The Guild is a, well it's a Guild... Very Happy  Being in a Guild gives you the option to team up with players and try to reach a greater goal. There are fees that the Guild pays to it's members as a payroll and a tax that the guild pays to the game depending on the size (lvl-wise) of the guild. The larger the MAX number of players the higher the tax. While in the Guild you will be issued missions from the leader or the officers in order to collect money and materials for the Guild. The Guild bank is inaccessible even by the Guildmaster. What this means is that there is no way a clan leader can exploit the hard earned money of the Guild for his own goals.
As "Dark Elegy" we want to create a SOLID base of players, loyal to our guild, our values and our friendship. Aiming at a solid base of 15 members (the first lvl of the Guild) is the way to go for the beggining so that we know we are not spending money, time and resources to players that won't stick with us. Having said that, we are, of course, thinking of expanding beyond this cap but we will first recruit any potential members to our Clan (the social part) and every time we have 15 eligible members ready to join the Guild, we will have a Guild meeting to vote for their joining into our Guild and once that's done we will lvl the Guild up and invite all of them at once, reaching the next member cap right away. That way we will not invest to our Guild and pay more taxes without reason.



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